Monday, November 13, 2006

The First Felted Bowl & SnB

This is my first felted bowl and it's from a Plymouth pattern at Yarn Theory. On the pattern booklet, the bowl is navy, lidded and very linear. Obviously, mine didn't turn out at all like that, but I do like this too. The cuff was a fluke to make the bowl less deep and the rounded curves just happened of their own accord. If you turned this bowl upside down, it'd be a cute toddler hat according to LW. :)

The wool is Playa del Uruguay and the needle felting is various bits of leftover Lamb's Pride (pink from Andie's scarf and burgundy from some slippers). I plan on filling this with some knit washcloths and a few bars of handmade soap as an Xmas gift.

The first S -n- B took place on Sunday and I had a blast. One knitter attended and we talked and talked. I was genuinely startled to realize that almost two hours had passed when I finally glanced at the clock. L.W. and I discussed yarn, spinning, how to gently steer //totally manipulate// your husband into paying for the class you want to take, patterns and a hundred other things. What a joy it is to spend time with someone who a) shares your passion, b) is not a demanding pre-teen or an apathetic spouse and c) provides new and exciting ways to build upon your passion! IT WAS GREAT!

That said, the next S -n- B is Sunday, December 10th from 2 to 4 p.m. Please feel free to call me at 540-297-4292 for directions or information. If you can't make the the gathering, but would like some of the donated yarn to use for a donation of your own, please call me and we'll meet up to pass the skeins.


Dianne said...

Ohmygosh talented..I love the bowl!!!...that is totally another level of knitting/felting..I will be closer to social security before I grasp
Keep up the beautiful work!!..It motivates me..but I just came by Jans to buy more yarn and she wasn't open yet...argh!!!

Marianne said...

Hi Dana, first off, that is a beautiful felted bowl and is going to be a fabulous gift with the washcloths and soaps...very nice!
I'm so glad to hear that you got a giggle out of my comment, I wasn't being mean...and so am seriously happy you didn't take it that way.
I love the felted clogs, finally just got the pattern and will be making some after the holiday knitting, although I may make a pair.....still up in the air...
It's too bad people *can* be so rude, especially among knitters.
Have a great Weekend! and thanks for stopping by!

Marianne said...

Heh, how big are your feet?
It would need to be closer toward Feb. unless I get a whole lot faster, but let's do keep in touch, very doable on my part.

Marianne said...

We're just going to have to quit meeting like this ;)
my feet are 9.5 inches I have no clue as to 'size' to many inches for your feet?
I guess I'll tell you now, when I left my second comment..what I typed the first time was...'how big is your foot?' it truly was a slip and when I caught it I had a good giggle about it and of course rewrote the question.