Monday, November 20, 2006

Baby Hats

I've been in the mood to make hats lately. I can't seem to commit to any really large project until after the holidays so these are nice, small and easily done.

The red tomato hat is made from Karabella and the blue and purple hats (blueberry & eggplant) are made from Wings. "Wings" is a perfect name for this yarn. It's part merino, part silk and part alpaca - - in other words, it's incredibly soft and not-at-all scratchy.

The hat below is a 100% cotton. It's made with "leftover" yarn from a previous project. While the cotton doesn't have the elasticity of the above baby hats, the fact that it's machine washable makes it very nice.

I need to find a yarn that feels like Wings, but won't be ruined by Mr. Maytag. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! :)


Dianne said...

oh're at it again!!..Those hats are SO adorable!! I can see those little cherubs wearing them now...Hope you and your family will enjoy a peaceful, healthy..and knitful Thanksgiving...hugswiw

Krista said...

"Wings" is in a category of it's own! That yarn is scrumptious! I just made a cabled hat with the chocolate brown color they have. Your hats are so great!

Marianne said...

Love your hats! I do love that pattern, and yours are beauties.