Monday, September 08, 2008


At the very end of August, I finally made my way to the Sereknity of Roanoke's 50% off sale and came home with a few treats. I purchased my first set of ebony needles. Aren't they pretty? If you hold up just one, it looks like a wand from the Harry Potter movies. I really like them and best of all, they were only $6! Serenknity, by the way, was very nice and I enjoyed myself there. I love the fact that Brenda has a "lending library" set up in the store; check out the books and take them home.

Beneath the needles is a new dishcloth for Denise. I'm making her several as housewarming gifts and I'm using a different pattern for each cloth. This is from Ravelry and it's the Waffle Stitch Washcloth. The next one, also a Ravelry pattern, will be Elvish Leaves.

I also bought myself this little tin bank. The fine print reads, " Is wool your dirty little secret, too? Anytime someone says, "Mom, will you take me to Roanoke?" or "Can Kirsten, Ciara, Mackenzie et al spend the night?", I rattle the bank. ;)

When Lara and Linda visited Serenknity (before I got to go), they picked up these goodies for me.

And finally, meet my latest addiction - Stephenie Meyer. My cousins, Kim & Sherri, told me to try out Meyers' books so I ordered them through an online club. They arrived on Saturday morning, Labor Day weekend. I finished all four, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, by Monday night. Tuesday morning, tired and grainy-eyed, I sent the cousins an e-mail that started out with, "Good morning Cows," and explained to them that my fatigue was their fault. :) Twilight, the movie, comes out in November.


Anonymous said...

heehee I love the bank!

Jadielady said...

Oh I love the tin! And the washcloth! And the needles :)

Berocco comfort felt SO soft, I touched some in Charlotte when I went but they didn't have that colorway its very pretty.

Marianne said...

Gorgeous needles! and washcloth!
The bank is great as are the sock yarns, yummy.
I've been hearing about those books.

Dianne said...

Love the needles and the yarns are yummy..the bank is a great idea!! Let me know if it works!
I love the rich color of your washcloth..very pretty~'Hugs~