Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bullet Post

-Finished Pinwheel Blanket (though not yet blocked)

-Button Tab Hat, 100% Alpaca. (It's like holding a cloud in your hand).

-Baby Surprise Jacket (Cast on last night). P.S. Jan at Yarn Theory has both the book, The Opinionated Knitter, and the lone paper copies of the pattern from Schoolhouse Press. She's finishing up two BEAUTIFUL BSJs' of her own right now. Thank you so much Jan for holding a copy of the pattern for me!

- And last, but certainly not least, meet Gabrielle Elizabeth, born September 23, 2008. (I'd like to claim her as one of my accomplishments, but that wouldn't be honest). LOL Gabrielle is the daughter of two great friends of mine. She should be home from the hospital tomorrow and if I get rid of the sniffles I have right now, she'll be in my arms this weekend. :D

Have a great one everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pinwheel!!!!!!

Congrats to your friends - that's one B.I.G. baby!

Knitters Knook said...

Gracious me, such the industrious knitter you are! I Love it all, and the baby should be in your arms this weekend. I am so inspired by you to knit faster!!!

Marianne said...

Awwww, sweet... Welcome Gabrielle Elizabeth!

Yowza! Your fingers and needles are SMOKIN'!!!!!!! GORgeous Pinwheel blankie!
Yes, alpaca IS like holding a cloud in your hand :^)
BSJs, they are SO much fun to knit, I've a few under my belt now but still, every single time it just boggles my brain. You just have to trust EZ. psst.. she's very trustworthy :^)

Hope your sniffles clear up fast, that baby needs some Dana loving. (or rather, Dana needs to love on that baby :^)

Jadielady said...

Welcome to the world little baby!
Beautiful blanket, is that for her?

I can bring some mucinex, cold medicie, and zicam with me Saturday if you want!

Faren said...

Gorgeous baby and gorgeous baby blanket, they go well together!

Anonymous said...

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