Monday, June 23, 2008

Pictures & Presents

Look at what arrived in the mail! Julie sent me a beautiful alpaca mug (which Andie tried, unsuccessfully, to commandeer). It's adorable and thank you so much Julie!

Yesterday, I hit the Knitters Knook 40% off sale. I was in the parking lot, waiting & knitting, when Becky pulled up to open the shop. We sat, talked, laughed and carried on for two wonderful hours; it was a ball and I had such a great time. Thank you Becky!

I also squeezed in a couple of purchases (imagine that!) and here's what I bought:

Cascade Yarns EcoWool (Here's my avalanche hat yarn Julie).

And five skeins of Encore Colors. This is going to be a baby blanket for Gabrielle (my friends, Jen & Mark's, little girl due in September).

Here's my last Sedalia souvenir. This is a Nana Sadie Rose knitting tote, the "Mavis", to be specific. When I went to the Sedalia Fiber Festival, I said that if I bought only one thing for myself, it would be one of Nana Sadie Rose's bags. I picked it up Sunday at Becky's and I love it!

Here's the inside of the bag. See the big blue pocket on the left? That's the pattern pocket! There are pockets galore and so much space. I think I just found a new fetish. LOL :)


Spinning Lara said...

Dana - what an awesome bag! You better hold on tight to it, it might need to come home with me :)

Marianne said...

Very Cool Bag! mercy, loves me all those pockets and how fabulous, having a pattern pocket!

Wow... 40% off... that's a Great Sale!

hee, love the mug, heeeeeee.

Jadielady said...

I love the mug, and what an awesome bag!

Dianne said...

The bag is totally fabulous!..and I really have to get myself one..
Don't you love the quality time at Beckys?..and she's going to come to Bedford for a dinner leave room in your plans for this..Love your hat yarn..I also bought that for another project..Hugs

Julie said...

EcoWool; that'll make a great Avalanche hat!

What a cool bag!

You're very welcome for the mug (I just wish I didn't take so long to get it to you!). Amy does amazing work with pottery as well as yarn and fiber!

Angela Cox said...

Love it ...I bought a shoulder strap briefcase in T.K Maxx ( very el cheapo) thing is stuffed with patterns , knitting and my yarn it pulls my shoulder out of it's socket. I forget I am a little old for the huge shoulder bags I'd lug around !

Thomas said...

"I never promised you a rose garden" (eg)