Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gift Knits

Remember what I wrote about knitting for me? Well, forget everything I said. My resolve was blown out of the water by a three year old named Emma.

If you recall, I knitted a pair of hats earlier this summer for Emma and her twin brother, Jamie.

This past Wednesday, I got a call from my sister saying that Emma, whom I've never met (her mother and my sister work together), was terrorizing her brother. Emma liked her little red hat so well that she always - - ALWAYS - - wore it. While at the mall with her mother and brother, the hat was lost and she was beside herself. Unable to find her hat, she promptly stole her brother's and has since refused to give it back. Denise, my sister, called to ask if I'd mind making Emma another one.

I was so flattered that Emma liked the original hat so well that I made her not one, but two replacement hats. I dipped into a pattern I had never tried before and came up with this (fancy, I think) little number.

Toddler Felt Hat

And the ever trusty Apple Hat.

Now I've got to box them up and get them in the mail. Stay warm y'all & happy knitting. :)


Donna said...

They are sooooo cute!! Great job! Stay warm. Talk to you soon.

Marianne said...

Awwwww, those hats are beyond sweet and lovely and you are so Sweeeeet! and you can probably hear the squealing going on over here, Gracie looking at the felted hat AND the apple hat! yep... Emma is gonna LOVE those hats!

Marianne said...

ps...I hear you about 'knitting for yourself'... I actually knit a swatch... for me...hee. (yes, that IS as far as it got!)

Anonymous said...

Awwww, that's just the best story ever! What adorable replacement hats - I just LOVE the fancy little number :-)

Angela Cox said...

Oh those are adorable ! I almost remember when Holly liked my knitting !