Monday, January 07, 2008

Felix and Oscar

Both Marianne and Angie have written lovely things about their daughters. Reading their recent posts, I smiled and sighed. I thought to myself, "Someday, Andie and I will be "there." "There" being that lovely accord where you're not only mother and daughter, but friends as well.

In the past, Andie and I have clashed as only an almost 13 year old and her mother can do. (My own mother, I know, is laughing hysterically in Heaven, enjoying her oh so sweet revenge). The bone of contention is and always has been neatness. I'm compulsively neat (a Felix Unger) and Andriana is a complete Oscar Madison. For years, we've banged heads over the upkeep of her bedroom. I first threatened to put her out of the house and move her permanently into her grandparents home when she was.....ummmm......three years old.

This weekend, the stars aligned and my daughter and I were in perfect accord. She's been wanting to have a 13th birthday slumber party and I've been wanting to remove the "black hole" from my home. Together and after numerous negiotations, we picked out everything to re-do her room and Saturday and Sunday were devoted to the "sty."




(She wanted icicle lights - - it was a compromise).

End Note: This morning (Monday a.m.) I was walking by Andie's room and almost fell over. She had made her bed! We're getting "there", slowly, but surely. :D


Robin said...

I'm so happy for you...redecorating didn't work for me, DD's room is messier than ever now!!

mobishobel said...

Good for you guys. Being a total Oscar myself (and having had the "messy room" disagreement with my own mother) I know that the clash of wills can be titanic. However, even Oscars occasionally tire of the disorder and manage to pick up after themselves. Keep the faith.

PS- The blanket from the last entry is beautiful! I am in awe of your perserverance!!

Marianne said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Funny! with Havala? I just kept the door shut... you could NOT see her floor, rarely was her room 'tidy'... I figured someday she'd 'get it' or at least 'hope would spring eternal' in my heart, that and I just decided to choose my battles :^)

I LOVE the little lights! and the room is LOVELY!

still giggling.....

Dana said...

I tried to keep the door shut, Marianne, but law requires I make her go to school! The kid had no shame and me? I'd cringe when company came and saw her "former" room.

The lights, I must admit, have grown on me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the lights too :-)

The room looks lovely; hopefully, it'll stay that way. Not sure you should count on it though - teenagers are a fickle bunch ;-)

Nikki said...

What a cute room! as an "Oscar" I wish you much luck! My Mom kept the door shut too...

Angela Cox said...

Oh don't for a minute think Holly and I don't go at it hammer and tongs !! I am a mess pot and so is she but now and again I sneak in and try to tidy ...if I get caught whoa ! Sometimes I don't even know what brings down the wrath on me ...that's teens . The room looks lovely and I'm a sucker for fairy lights !