Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Check, check, check

I'm ticking projects off my list.

Finally finished are the DW washcloth, the Encore socks and the Saartje's Booties. I also managed to squeeze in a pair of Irish Hiking wrist warmers this weekend.

Now on the needles are my sister's afghan and a preemie hat (Noolie inspired me yet again).

On MLK Day, the family and I had a fun (albeit chilly) afternoon in Roanoke. After two and a half years in the area, we finally visited the Mill Mountain Star and Zoo.

Mohamed and Andie (the boy stayed warm in the car). ;)

The overlook view of Roanoke. Isn't it lovely?


Anonymous said...

Look at all those "checks"! Awesome!

Looks like a fun day (but where is Mohamed's hand knit hat? His head looks cold.

Marianne said...

Cleanin' house! I AM impressed and those are all lovely FOs! er.. I didn't see the washcloth... :^)

Brrrrrrr.... but yes, looks like a fun day! and I'm with Julie... where's his hat?!?

Dana said...

For the record, my friends: I have repeatedly offered to make the MOTH a hat and scarf. Every time I've asked, he's politely declined.

In fact, after our visit to the zoo, we stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods where Mohamed purchased a balaclava-style hat and gloves for a mere (cough/choke/gasp/having stroke) $65.00. Oh well, at least they're a write-off (work-related).

Nikki said...

What great FOs and family fun! You'll have to go back to the zoo when it's a bit warmer lol

emmy said...

Great finished projects!!

I LOVE the Roanoke Star. I actually have a framed picture of it when it was red white and blue. Awesome view from up there!!

mobishobel said...

It's nice to spend a day with the family doing fun things. Days off with my family usually translate to doing some kind of house-related chore. Yard work is a big Thanksgiving Day favorite. Your FOs look lovely, btw!!

Angela Cox said...

Those booties are so adorable I have the pattern ready and waiting. I will look up the town on the net.I just love that M.O.T.H ...mine would love nothing better than to be a big one and get at my stash !!!