Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Week in the Life....

Here goes my first bullet post.

    1. I'm still knitting furiously on the monstrously large afghan.

      2. As a break from the afghan, I've done four (so far) calorimetries as holiday gifts. My friend (guru/mentor/teacher/inspiration), Becky, was nice enough to convert the worsted weight pattern into a bulky weight, so I've been using Paton's Shetland Chunky.

        3. Andie's been earning her Christmas money by babysitting.

        While downloading my knitting photos, I found these masterpieces.

          Andie & Connor "cleaning their noses."

          And who says you can't teach a two year old a new trick?

          Andie & Jacob (with popsicle tongues)

          Note: Jacob & Connor are Emma & Isabelle's older brothers.

          4. And last, but not least, Arabella.

          She's grown bigger and she's now a stash raider.

            Happy Knitting/Spinning Everyone!


          Marianne said...

          Your Calorimetries are Gorgeous! and those photos of Andie? with Connor? (ACK!!!! Hysterical!) they're all fabulous...
          Aaah... Arabella... she is so cute and sweet looking, I have a very soft spot for beagles...

          Anonymous said...

          Great pics (pun intended)!

          Arabella is soooo cute; what a sweetie. You must be having so much fun with her!

          Robin said...

          Arabella is adorable! Love your Calorimetrys!
          Kids are hilarious!

          Dianne said...

          Oh how pretty..the calorimetries..what a long word for such a small item..argh..
          Love the little 'pic' of Andie..oh and Arabella shows growth..what a cutie!...Huge hugs

          Angela Cox said...

          Oh Arabella...tut, tut ! Still you'd forgive her anything with those eyes!

          mobishobel said...

          Ok, as I am a slave to fads, I'm clearly going to have to knit one of these Calorimetries that everyone is so hot on. But it'll have to wait until after I recover from your parade of cuteness!