Friday, December 14, 2007

MOTH&H (Man of House & Hero)

We had a brief, but eventful Friday last week.

Because of icy road conditions, schools were delayed for two hours (later, they closed), so Mohamed left the house a little while before me. I had just left our neighborhood and was heading down Diamond Hill Road when I saw a pickup truck sitting, overturned, on its passenger side. A man was directing traffic and waved me on, so I pulled around the truck and saw that my husband's car was sitting on the side of the road with its emergency lights blinking.

I pulled over to the shoulder, parked and went to the pickup. There, standing inside the cab of the truck, was my husband, Mohamed. As it turned out, the lady driving the truck had slid on ice, hit a hill and rolled onto her side. In the process, she was pinned by her seatbelt and we later learned, her wrist was broken.

Mohamed was one of the first people on the scene. When he saw what had happened, he just took action. He climbed into the cab of truck, irregardless of the leaking gasoline and the fact that the car, itself, was sitting in the middle of the icy road. He talked to the accident victim, Debbie, he gave her his coat to keep her warm and just did his best to make an awful situation not quite so scary. There were over 100 accidents in the county last Friday morning and it took about 30 minutes for a rescue squad to arrive. All the while, freezing rain was pouring down on all of us and the road conditions were steadily worsening.

Help did come and I stood there, jaw hanging open in amazement. The firemen threw a blanket over Mohamed and Debbie. They then broke out the windshield of the pickup and took the "jaws of life" and cut the roof off of the truck (who knew that the "jaws" were generator-powered giant scissors? I didn't.). Mohamed was then able to simply back out of the cab and the rescue squad placed Debbie on backboard and took her to the local hospital.

Every now again, the person closest to you amazes you. I know that Mohamed is good man, an honest man and a lot of other wonderful things. He's also the man who leaves his smelly socks on the floor, dances like a headless, flailing chicken, watches CNN ad nauseum and a lot of other annoying things. He shocked me...genuinely shocked me Friday. I know that he's generous, but I didn't realize how completely selfless he can be. I know that he can be fierce, but his gentleness was so touching, as was the bravery he showed. He took my breath away...again. I am blessed in my marriage and so glad and grateful for him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, to the amusing part of the story. After all was said and done, I was slowly walking back to my car, clutching the vehicles parked alongside the road. I was going slow and paying attention so naturally, I fell on my butt...hard. So hard, in fact, that I fractured my tailbone (slightly).

So here I sit, high as kite on Lortab, chuckling over what my sister said to me.

Yes, Dana, Mohamed is the hero. However, you're
the one who can say, 'I busted my ass for a stranger,'
and mean it literally."

Have an enjoyable, uneventful weekend y'all. And, if I don't catch up with you before Christmas, I wish you a warm, happy, wonderful holiday!


Nikki said...

Mohamed is my hero too!!! I hope none of us ever gets in that situation but if we do, I hope there's someone like Mohamed to help.

Dianne said...

Mohamed has been MY HERO since I saw how he handles all those folks at the hospital and the Rehab..he's all that you said PLUS..He captured my heart when I saw how he could charm my Mom..
OUCH..on the tailbone..please take care of yourself and stop trying to get all of Mohameds attention when he's attending an accident..haha...Love you

Robin said... do have a hero in your midst! But were you trying to steal his thunder by "breaking your butt"?
Hope you are feeling better soon, you'll get lots of knitting done!

Anonymous said...

Mohamed is a hero! And an incredibly handsome hero at that :-) You are a lucky woman to be married to such a caring man.

BTW, did he laugh when you fell and broke your butt? Hope you're feeling better real soon.

Angela Cox said...

Oh wow what a brave man , with fuel leaking!!He was that ladies guardian at risk to his life and they don't come better than that . He looks so smart too , give him a big hug from me .It must have been so scary for you and then very painful. Jeff once impaled his hand on an iron rail when the ground was icy .He pulled it off and then luckily a paramedic passing picked him up . I cried for some time that I wasn't there as he was just around the corner. It really does feel just thst bit safer knowing that the Mohamed's are there for us all. God bless and have a great Christmas if I don't hear from you before, angie , Holly and Jeff xxx

mobishobel said...

What a wonderful story! (Well, minus the "breaking your butt" part) You're so lucky to have such a brave and selfless man in your life. Stuff like this sure puts all the little things into perspective! Happy Christmas!!

Marianne said...

Ok, can I just say it? 'well, duh', of course he's a hero. I've been hearing 'Mohamed' stories for quite some time, and yes, he is an exceptional human being... and we are ALL so glad he does what he does (well, maybe not that smelly socks thing...) and he is who he is and yep, you're one well deserving woman to have him for your husband :^) and same goes for him. :^)

dang, I'm sorry to hear about your busted ass though.. glad you've got some good drugs but still, busted ass = no fun (especially when those good drugs wear off, eh?)
Glad to hear you are all alright and thankfully, Debbie only had a broken wrist.