Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Good morning all!

I hope your holidays were as bright and wonderful as ours. My kids were thrilled with their gifts, the husband really likes his Ipod and me? My sock sisters hooked me up! LOL

Dianne, Linda, Teresa and I met for lunch right before the holiday and it, all by itself, was a Christmas celebration. Teresa made an incredible, chocolate-y variety of brownies and other goodies and passed everyone a tin. Unfortunately, they did not survive long enough to be photographed, but they were amazing.

Dianne gifted me with this beautiful scarf and a "shawl stick pin" that her husband carved (how neat is that??). Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the pin, but I will do it soon and upload it.

She also gave me two skeins of Peace Fleece. This color, Kamachatka, matches the one Marianne gave me for my birthday. My plan is to combine the three skeins and make myself a shawl. (I did make myself the red Takhi shawl, but gifted it).

There was also Republic of Tea teabags, an adorable soap sock and this little baby. I'd often admired the little teapot charm Dianne wears and now, I've got one of my own. My husband bought me a long sterling chain to go with it and I'm always wearing it now.

Linda was equally generous. I received a skein of the Fortissima Colori 1776. My plan was to make socks, but then I saw a pair of fingerless gloves in this and I'm intrigued by that too.

She also gave me this wonderful floormat that brings a smile to my face every time I see it. Also in the gift bag were Christmas pads, a Panera gift certificate and other goodies.

In all honesty, my Christmas was that day at lunch. The laughter, friendship and generosity of these amazing women just overwhelmed me. Thank you Teresa, Linda & Dianne for making my holiday and for your friendship and love most of all.

I wish all of you a wonderful, safe, happy & healthy New Year.


Nikki said...

Y'all all are such great ladies! I'm resolving to see you all more in 2008!!

Marianne said...

Feelin' like a Queen are you? oh! sorry, your Highness, you ARE the Queen! of socks, lace, felted clogs, spinning, and and and...
You're absolutely right though, you have some exceptional folks who are your friends! This is the 3rd accounting of 'that' lunch I've heard and it just tickles me :^)

Robin said...

You know, I seriously need to come to Bedford for lunch with you guys in 2008! Looks like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas! Hope you have a Happy New Year!!

Faren said...

sounds like great fun!

mobishobel said...

Happy New Year backatcha'! I can't wait to see what all 2008 has in store.

Angela Cox said...

Oh what an adorable charm . I must try Peace Fleece , that particular colour is lovely. Happy New Year Soltani family ,A,J and H xxx