Thursday, July 26, 2007

Speed of Light

These last two weeks have gone by at the speed of light. I had mentioned a blog or so ago that my sister was keeping Thing 1 and Thing 2 for me for a week. One blissful week of having a clean house, no cooking to do, no refereeing [sic] and uninterrupted fiber fun. The week flew by and on Friday the 13th (how ironic!), the kids returned home with my sister and grandmother in tow.

Denise, my sister, and I had planned on taking my grandmother around town, to the lake and anywhere else she wanted to go. A fun "girls weekend" kind of thing. Then, I received this weird phone call. This husky, male voice asked, "You got any cars in your driveway?" I had no idea who was calling and I said something very witty to the effect of "Huh?" and the less patient voice replied, "This is your father. If you have any cars in the driveway, move them so that I can back the camper down."

In a complete and wonderful surprise, my dad and stepmother, Joan, drove from Mississippi to Virginia to surprise us with a visit. Fortunately for us, my grandmother was out on the back porch when Denise and I started squealing like little girls and dancing around the kitchen. Dad was 20 minutes away from my home and on his way.

Denise and I played it cool, moved the cars, set the table for dinner and sat down to eat like nothing at all was going on. I heard the front door open when Dad and Joan came into the house. Dad walked into the kitchen, leaned up against the island and said, "What are you eating?" My grandmother didn't see him or realize that he was there. I said, "Grandma, that guy over there is talking to you." She looked up and over and when she saw Dad, she squealed, "OH MY GOODNESS! EDWARD!!" Her face broke into one of the brightest smiles I have ever seen in my life.

We had a GREAT family reunion that weekend! Sunday arrived and to my complete shock, Dad told me that he was now going to take the kids for a week or so. At this point, I'm flabbergasted, but nevertheless, packing their bags. LOL

Week Two begins....

I spent most of the week cleaning Andie's BLACK HOLE of a bedroom, but I did manage to finish and start a couple of projects. (Now you're thinking...finally some pictures to break up this unending text! Me too.)

The completed "Crayon Blanket."

I started (at long last) Grandma's Christmas shawl. (I've tried and failed at Swallowtail several times, so I found this "you can't fail" pattern online).

Before I knew it, it was Saturday the 21st and lo and behold, look what was in my mailbox! Marianne sent me Peace Fleece for my upcoming birthday. Marianne: Thank you, thank you so much! The color is beautiful and I cannot wait to see it "bloom" as you described. I am so touched you would even think of me when you are in the middle of moving not one, but two houses. You're amazing and I appreciate both you and the fabulous fiber.

Kamchatka Seamoss (blue/green heather) Peace Fleece DK weight:

Sunday morning was spent S'nB'ing with Dianne, Linda, Nikki and Dianne's mother. That was a very good time and I enjoyed myself thoroughly! We had lunch, chatted, laughed (remember the country of "Malasha"/Malaysia?) and of course, knitted.

Sunday evening, I went to Jim & Linda's and then brought Baby No. 3 home!

Jim's explaining his latest innovations to the wheel (and boy! were they awesome) and I'm asking question after question.

(See "Village Idiot Grin" shown above).

Queen of Spinning? I think not...more like court jester and the above photo proves it.

Linda and Jim also sent me home with the "practice roving" on the left and the Stony Mountain Fiber/"When you're comfortable spinning" roving on the right.

And to cap it all off, Jim even packed the car.

There simply are enough words to express my gratitude. The wheel is beautiful, the skill and craftmanship with which it was made is immeasurable and the people, Jim and Linda, are a gift, a pleasure, a blessing and priceless.


- - - Postscript - - -

The kids are now home, the fridge is empty, the floors are dirty,

the litterbox needs emptied, but leave me alone....

I'm sitting and spinning. :D


Robin said... wonderful!

Dianne said...

hehe..but how is Dad?...I'm so glad this all came together so nicely..and you look like a 'natural' behind the wheel.
The peace fleece is bodacious!..and I'll never forget 'Malatia'..that was how I heard it..lmso!! I have to tell you..this is the same cousin that told me once..that she was in 'bolivian'..instead of oblivion...go figure..our craziness runs in the family!!
Thanks for sharing the past 2 weeks..and I can't wait to see fiber..hugs~~

angie Cox said...

Oh two weeks to get a teens room tidied ...humm I'd need three years . I get into terrible trouble if caught . I love how your spinning wheel is strapped in , maybe they should invent the spinning wheel seat . That blanket is gorgeous too. I must wish you "Happy Birthday " for whenever it is doesn't surprise me that Marianne thought of you , she is a sweetheart.

Nikki said...

What a great 2 weeks! I'm glad I got to be small part of it! :)

Faren said...

I'm so excited for you! A whole new hobby/obsession to play with! And Happy Birthday!