Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

I had a perrrrrfect day and there's pictures to prove it. Last Saturday afternoon, my daughter, Andie, and I went to visit my sock sister, Linda, and her husband, Jim, at their home for a spinning lesson.

[We break now for crowing] Yes! Yes! I have spun fiber! [End crowing].

I sat down on the spinning chair and Jim expertly described the mechanics of the wheel. I knew "terms" from my reading, but to actually see it done clarified so much. For example, the mystery of ratio became clear, single versus double treadle mechanics, and how/why the fiber gets twisted as it's spun. I now understand plying, how to achieve fiber thickness, what a Lazy Kate is and a multitude of other things.

Then, Linda taught me how to spin. "Now you do it," she said. I broke the fiber numerous times, I spun at the speed of a snail (when I wasn't breaking the fiber) and I had an absolute ball! It was so much fun and as if the spinning weren't enough, Andie and I got to visit with the adorable critters that Linda and Jim have adopted. The flock includes a goat, a ewe, ducks, chickens, two sweet little dogs and a rabbit.

To cap an amazing day off, Jim and Linda made my day/week/month and year. Jim offered to make me a wheel.

I am getting a wheel!
Jim is making me a wheel!
I am sooo incredibly thrilled!

When they offered, I was floored, misty-eyed and just so surprised and delighted. Jim's wheels are lovely, handmade, strong, and an original. Here and now, four days later, I still go weak at the knees and smile like the village idiot when I think about this.

Jim and Linda: There are no words to thank you enough for both the lessons, the visit, and the wheel. Andie and I had a day that we will remember and cherish forever! THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

You're getting a wheel!
Jim is making YOU a wheel!
You so deserve it!

I'm so happy for you (and a wee bit jealous). How exciting. I can't wait to see it and all the lovely handspun that will come off of it.

Dana said...

Julie, I'm still in shock myself. I just can't believe it - - it's too darn good to be true.

Dianne said...

How Incredibly awesome!..Knowing how wonderful these 2 folks are (Jim and Linda)..why am I not surprised at your fun day and his offer..I know you were a spinning success!!..I can't wait to see your original...and your homespun will be glorious..huge hugs..and also to Mohamed..for the cheesecake he brought Mom..How Sweet!! It made her day complete. Now Mom's roomie is also 'eyeing' him..although she's diabetic..she was thrilled that he thought of her also..

Marianne said...

Just 'a wee bit jealous'?!? I'm green from the top of my head to my toes! How absolutely and positively beyond wonderful is all this? And look, we'll be calling you Queen of Spinning now, mark my words...actually, I already knew that Jim had made Linda's wheel and I had my 'wishes' out roaming the universe that just this would happen for you...hee! Yowza! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!
Crowing...weak at the knees and smiling like the village idiot? oh yeah. Linda? Dianne? more photos please...of all the above...heh.

Dana said...

I told Mohamed to first ask the nurses about dietary restrictions (oh, please tell me he did) before giving the cheesecake to your mother and her roommate. Mohamed did say that it was okay for your mother, but he never said anything to me about her neighbor.

I'm glad she enjoyed the treat. Mohamed would happily spend his whole shift in Oakwood if he could.

Yeah, Linda and Jim are amazing! (And so are you too!)

Anonymous said...

You have a WHEEL! Congratulations, I knew you could do it! Thanx for commenting and reading my blog. catie

Nikki said...

Did you just hear that scream? that was me squeeling in excitement for you!! Well, I guess you don't need to drool over my wheel now but I'll still bring it up one day, we'll spin :)

When you get your wheel, Catie told me the lady who 'taught' her said if you spin at least 20 min every day for a week, you'll have it down.

be perfect, no. have stopped cussing the thing? probably :)

Dianne said...

Mohamed followed your instruction to the letter..but just the fact that he thought of 'roomie' made her ecstatic..I had hardly gotten in the door before she told me..of course she works as Mom's ears and memory..not such a bad deal!! I've also taken her under my wing as she doesn't have much company..I spoil her a bit too...I don't see a new career here..but it has certainly made me more aware of the need for 'warm fuzzies and volunteers'..hugs..and btw..if and when I am ready for a wheel..I would love the JW-Special!!

angie Cox said...

O.M.G well done Dana that is fantastic. One day I must have a try at spinning because at some point you know that you want to make that yarn in just the colours you want. I am sure Mrs Chicken got a boyfriend in to crow for you !

Robin said...


mobishobel said...

OMG, I am so jealous!! Good for you. I can't wait to see your handspun. And a custom-made wheel!! Dude.

mobishobel said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! Although I think you meant Richard Harris instead of Peter O'Toole. 8 days...