Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Making a Case Here

The "Temptation Twins," Dianne & Linda, have been making a subtle and sweet effort to encourage me to open my mind to sock knitting. They've told me how wonderful their teacher is (I have no doubt whatsoever), they show me pictures of their efforts (their sock patterns are lovely and the fiber colors...just breathtaking) and most intriguing of all, they're actually enjoying the process of sock knitting, itself.

My once firm anti-sock stance is somewhat wavering. Weeks ago, I wrote on M.'s site that I would run naked down Main Street before I ever knit another sock. I'm kind of regretting those words now and hoping that M. and Dianne won't hold me to that vow (they're gracious people, so I think I'm safe on that score). However, I still have a firm point to make...

Slippers are ART. I fully believe that design, ingenuity, colorcraft and skill go into making a sock, but I still believe that slippers are the superior calling and to make my case, I present the following:

Modern Art. Notice the ballerina is not
wearing socks.

Pop/Cinematographic (is this even a word?) Art.

In any event, these aren't the "Ruby Socks!" ;)

Danish Painter, C.W. Eckersberg, circa 1820

The Slippers of Cinderella by Aubrey Beardsley, circa 1898

Dr. Pozzi at Home by John Singer Sargent

(Again, he's not wearing socks).

Me at the thought of having a "Godiva" moment down Main St.


Dianne said...

LMSO(laughing my socks off)...I'll let you off the hook with no eyewitness news team on the Godiva Run..if you will just..give it another try..I think you will enjoy the fun of being with 'the sock sisters' so greatly, you will forget how you hated your first 'socattempt'...and if you join us...we can become the 'Tempting Trio'..Truth being, I've not finished a 'first' sock ..misery loves your blog entry..hugs

Marianne said...

Dana! That was one of the very best posts I've had the pleasure to read, and look at!
Hey, go for it, you'll still get your socks from me :) go on, you know you want to, uh huh.....sure you do....
oh and you other your cameras ready? ;)

Marianne said...

I would just like to say...we really can't 'see' up Dr. Pozzi's dressing gown, now can we? He looks the sort to be wearing socks/stockings of some sort, ladies?

angie Cox said...

That is a point Marianne ...hose i'd say but I too have a total dread of knitting socks even though I wear them . Now you've got me wondering when short socks first appeared ? I have lots of books on Turkish socks none are short. I shall be peeking at art now to see if I can spot socks !!