Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Feet/Part Two

Here's Aunt Jo wearing her KnitPicks/Winter Night.

Here are my uncles, Ted & Steve. Their slippers were made from Yarn Barn's (Ebay) New Zealand wool. They're sage green and match what I and my kids wear.

Uncle Ted

Uncle Steve

Missing from the photos are Gramma (Manos del Uruguay scarf/Wildflowers), my father, Edward (black felted slippers), cousins Jamie & Charli (Cranberry slippers), Joey & Tyler, cousin & nephew (Lamb's Pride hats), Kori (Lamb's Pride scarf) and Charli (Lamb's Pride hat).

I was having too much fun hanging out to remember to run people
down and take more pictures!


Anonymous said...

Those are some 'happy footed' folks..and with good reason!..
I love seeing how appreciative people are with their gifts of your labor..

Darlene said...

Love the slippers! The colors are great! I'm felting obsessed,too..where can i find the pattern that you used?

Anonymous said...

Again, my goodness! You really made a LOT of those slippers, I love them all, they look so warm and cozy. Not to mention the scarves, and hats, gracious, woman, you made a whole bunch of holiday knits! and yes, it really is a treat to see how appreciative your family is of the beautiful knit with love gifts you gave them.

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

The pattern I use was created by Bev Galeskas/Fibertrends. I found it at my LYS, but it can also be purchased through Ebay and online at various knitting stores.

Anonymous said...

Hey Neighbor! I happened across your blog from Dianne's!
I just love making those clogs, not to mention they make GREAT gifts!

Trudy said...

Dana I loved your clogs. I bought the Fiber Trends pattern and started to knit. I ran into a problem on row two and ripped it out and started over three times. Something is wrong with the pattern I had somone else try and they had the same problem. Did you have any trouble with this pattern also. Please let me know