Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thank Goodness Knitting = Zen....

...because if it didn't, I'd be taking an AWFUL LOT OF VALIUM lately. :) After a positively superb birthday, my weekend concluded with my husband saying, "My chest heart's beating too quickly...I'm having a lot of pain in my back and shoulders." No, thank you Lord, it wasn't a heart attack, but was, instead, episodic irregular heartbeats. Mohamed's heart rate would jump from 40 beats to 150, back down to 60 and then up to 140. The numbers jumped all over the place and it went on for hours.

We started out in the Bedford General Hospital Emergency Room and Mohamed was then moved by ambulance to Lynchburg General Hospital. All kinds of tests were performed and although we don't yet have a firm diagnosis, we do know that he didn't have a heart attack and doesn't have any blocked arteries or valves. Both are great news.

I've coped with needles in hand. When he slept, I knitted....when he was getting blood drawn, I turned my back and knitted...while we waited, I knitted...when he was shaved, I stood there and laughed my ass off like a braying donkey (you don't want to know and he'd KILL me if I told you!).

Well, Mohamed is coming home tonight (at long last!) and from here, we'll see what the doctor figures out. In the meantime, here's Trevor modeling his diaper and new slippers.

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Dianne said...

My best wishes to your 'hubby'..hope he's on the road to a smooth recovery!!..and so glad you knew how to use your 'time wisely'...too knit or..not..not a tough choice, eh?..I'd love a sock class and there is one on the agenda..but not sure if a Thurs. or Sat. but I'm sure she is willing to accommodate..and I'd personally prefer could be a...'pick your poison class' well...and stay strong..Dianne