Monday, August 28, 2006

Andie's Knitting

Andie is now knitting and doing a marvelous job of it. She and I seem to be opposites insofar as I struggled with the knitting, e.g. twisted and dropped stitches, but was very comfortable with the cast on. Andie, by contrast, has me do her casting on, but she knits with such speed and uniformity; it's really wonderful!

Using her babysitting earnings, she bought her very first hank of yarn and chose a purple Manos del Uruguay. She's now working on a scarf and states that her next project will be a hat. I'm so proud of her!

This was her first scarf - - a light bulky weight New Zealand wool tweed.


Dianne said...

Dana, Your work continues to amaze me..and now you have the 'Jr.Knitter' fun!..and she has such good taste!!
I've had 'blog trouble' I think my link 'died'..and I can only get there via Yarn Theory..I must do some 'puter tech' stuff...and get caught up...hope Hubby is doing well and I am excited to think we may do Thursday socks!!Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day..Happy Knitting! Dianne

hookinmama said...

Your Jr. Knitter is doing a lovely job! It's obviously in her genes, all good knitters crave beautiful yarns, right?

Leedand said...

Great Job Andie!!!