Monday, October 04, 2010

Life in Pictures

I've been having entirely too much fun lately!

I found this at a local fleamarket and couldn't resist it. Apple Cinnamon is the scent of the week.
Linda and I went to our third NoSo Knit (September 25, 2010) in Roanoke. Rae and Tere did an amazing job and it was a great event!

Linda gifted me this beautiful skein of "Whipperwool" from the Unplanned Peacock Studio.

This past Saturday, Linda, Catherine and I went to the Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier. Linda and I planned to invade Wolle's Yarn Creations and that's exactly what we did. :)

Catherine at Wolle's booth
Linda at the booth

And four out of the five skeins I purchased.
Linda and Catherine "oooohed & awwwwed" over the loose fiber that was in the Gatherings tent. Gatherings raises angora rabbits and sells both the rabbits and their fur. Linda did get a small box of fur and it was a pleasure to touch.

What amused me (since I'm a sorry spinner), was what was being made with
the fiber. Look above Linda's head. Is that what I think it is?

Yeppers, an angora bikini! That's some interesting "mistletoe" you got there Linda! ;)

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Cat said...

Hey - how did you post this in both places?! Looks like good fun!