Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Knitting and A New Family Member

At long last, I have an FO. I've been knitting fairly consistently, but lately, it seems like my projects are taking forever to complete. At my five-year-old nephew's request, I made a Dead Fish Hat. I hope Trevor will enjoy wearing it this winter. My aunt saw me making Trevor's fish and asked if I could make an infant-sized one for her grandson, Cash. I've cast that on and am modifying the pattern [ha..ha...mathmatically illiterate me] to make it work. Please wish me luck - - I'll need it.

I also finished the 3 Way Wrap below. The wrap looks very grape-colored in the picture, but it's actually a pretty claret.

And last, but not least, meet our new family member, B.C. ("Boy Cat"). B.C. belonged to my grandmother, who recently passed away. The picture doesn't do him justice. First of all, he's HUGE. You wouldn't know it to look at him, but he's a thoroughly spoiled lap baby and he and I have completely bonded. He sleeps with me at night and wants to be cuddled regularly. Look closely at his belly fur. This cat has "ringlets" of fur - - kind of like an angora goat and extremely silky. If I were any kind of spinner at all, I'd be swimming in fiber because this cat sheds like a chemo patient. So far, he's shown no interest in my yarn but to sit on it as I'm knitting, letting me know that it's his turn for attention. :)

And if I don't drop the knitting fast enough for him, the claws come out - - seriously!


KnitNana said...

Welcome, BC!!! (Most cats expect the attention they deserve...and he's missing his momma, so I'm delighted you have passed muster as the new surrogate!)

Karla Hartzog said...

Hi Dana! Menopause and sweet tea have me awake reading other crafters' blogs. I'm glad I found yours. It led me to KnitNana's and I discovered the Roanoke NoSO. I can't be there this year, but my best friend is in Bedford and you can bet we'll mark our calendars for next year.
I have a new family member who cuts into my crafting time, too, but I managed to knit him a dozen or more caps before he was born! 'Come visit! Karla at www.karlakrafts.com

Marianne said...

Awww, Boy Cat.... he's a handsome dude! Smooch was the same way re: yarn, wanted to snuggle down into what ever project.. she was more interested in the needles.
LOVE the hat! and you'll do fine with the mad math skilz :^) xox

Karla Hartzog said...

Thank you, Dana, for the nice comment on my blog. I was in Charleston, SC, last weekend being the nanny named Nana while my son-in-law was a groomsman in a wedding. I had to be a NoShow for the NOSO, but I had a wonderful time with Granpa, my grandson, and my camera. I'll have to post some photos!

Dianne said...

What a handsome boy that BC is and he seems to have adjusted well..BUT why not? When you're treated like a king!
So happy this is working out so well...

Guillaume Cingal said...

I was sitting,
She was knitting,
And the portraits of our fore-folk hung around;
When there struck on us a sigh;
"Ah--what is that?" said I:
"Was it not you?" said she. "A sigh did sound."

(Thomas Hardy)