Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ten Ways to Enjoy Summer

Ten Ways to Enjoy Summer
1. Let's start with an ice cold Appletini, or a Purltini, or a Peartini;
2. Play with my Sony Reader! Denise bought me one for my birthday and I am eating it up. I've downloaded books, e.g. Eat Pray Love, multiple knitting patterns and the fiber festival photo collection;

3. Visiting with family and friends (my summer was made in May with Julie & Marianne's visit);
4. Swimming at the lake;
5. Strolling the boardwalk - - any boardwalk. There's a small one here in Bedford County and I really enjoy the one at North Beach near my sister's house. I haven't done it yet this year, but I plan to;
6. Watering plants. I've NEVER considered myself a green thumb, but my neighbor asked me to water her outdoor plants while she's away for a month. So far, I've only killed a small peach tree, but everything else is flourishing. I have to admit that I find it very relaxing and honestly, I could camp next to her hydrangeas - - they smell that good!
7. Grilling. I love the smell of grilling food; and
8. Leisurely road trips where you just go somewhere for the beauty of the drive, not the destination.
I can't come up with anything else right now, but that's a good start. I hope you enjoy your summer!


Anonymous said...

Great list. I've been borrowing hubby's Kindle to see if I want one of my own - only problem I see is that I wouldn't be able to bring it in the pool.
My summer was also made before it even began when I visited you, Dianne, and Marianne - best trip ever! Is it August 2011 yet? Can we wait that long?

Marianne said...

I quite agree, Great List! (playing in the water hose/sprinkler with little ones... I know, it was on another list but hey, Summer!)
Yep. The Virginia Sistahood Weekend, The BESTEST!!!!
I'm still reading old school books ;^)