Monday, September 21, 2009


Here's the second, "naked" sock monkey. This one will be Briana's Christmas gift. I'm in the process of dressing her (preemie clothing) and once finished, I'll post a new photo.

For my fellow Haggis Heads (compliments of Knit Pro):

Lastly, but never least, Jim. After I loaded Linda's Country Fair spinning video, Blogspot wouldn't allow me to post any pictures. This is Linda's husband, Jim, in front of the Spirit of New London, a old fashioned river bateau. This gentleman moves big wooden boats down rivers, constructs "spinning sheds" so that his wife can have a place of her own to store all of her goodies and makes beautiful spinning wheels.

Would you agree he's fiber husband of the year???

2 comments: said...

That is such a dang cute monkey that I don't even mind it being said that I evolved from one!!

Knit on Dana!!

And yes, Jim is a sweetie. I had the pleasure to meet him at Sedalia last year.

Anonymous said...

He builds his wife spinning sheds? He is indeed fiber husband of the year!

Another adorable monkey! I can't wait to see it clothed :-)