Tuesday, September 29, 2009

12th Annual NoSo Knit, Saturday, Sept. 26

The NoSo Knit is a charity event hosted in Roanoke. It's a day of knitting, door prizes and meeting new people. NoSo supports Scarves of Hope, local shelters and the knitting program at Alderson Womens Prison in West Virginia.

Claudette & her door prize

Toy donation


Dianne & Claudette
Linda & Rae, the Thinking Knitter (and co-organizer of this event).
Natasha of Unplanned Peacock Studio with her charity knit donation.
Pat Lawrence with her rabbit. Pat is the "Barley Stitch Pattern" sock designer.
It was a great day! My door prize included a set of Lantern Moon DPNs' from Stoney Mountain Fibers of Charlottesville and some beautiful roving with a spindle donated by Knitnana. Thank you both so much!


KnitNana said...

Enjoy the spindle!!!
And you got really great photos!

Marianne said...

What a Wonderful day!!!!!

Dianne said...

Oh Dana..what fun!! You know this group of folks we have are just the most caring, loving folks..and too think..had it not been for knitting or Ravelry, we'd not have met..It's a real gift to have so many awesome people with the same common interest..I love NOSO!!..but I love my Group the 'mostest'..
OH and Dana..you think my ears were clean enough for that shot?..hehe..I want to see the one posted here of the Monarch Ear for Marianne to see..thank goodness I cleaned those guys on Sat. morn.
I loved my door prize..a great bag..donated by Native Grace..actually I'm thinking it will be a nice spring bag..and maybe not for knitting..hmm travel perhaps or when folks from distant places visit us!! A special bag..a special day..and special people!!
Thanks Dana for being in that group!