Friday, August 21, 2009

Wonderful Things no particular order. I just uploaded all of the pictures and decided to share.

This is the start (the body and beginning of the head) of my second Sock Monkey. Fellow fiber fanatic, Linda, gave me a Backstitches gift certificate for my birthday. I went to the store and was delighted to find this shade of Cascade 220 Superwash in, what I call, "Red Heel Brown." I bought the last three remaining skeins and I'm happy monkey knitter. :)
Linda also gave me this adorable book.

My neighbor, Muriyea, and I are knitting Interweave's Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater together. This is my first Interweave pattern and I barely got through the neckline before I went running to Yarn Theory/Jan for help translating the pattern. LOL

Here's Linda again. She keeps on feeding the sock mojo! :)

And then there's Dianne. Dianne feeds my Imelda Marcos-like love of knitting bags. In addition to a Nana Sadie Rose Posey and sundry bag (that matches my big Mera), Dianne gave me this beautiful Jessalu bag too.

Marianne. A box arrived in the mail and I dove into it and found these beautiful dishcloths. I really don't want to share them (Mohamed completely commandeered the mitered one you sent last year), so I don't feel badly for being greedy.

Sock Summit souvenirs from Dianne. I've been ogling ceramic buttons for a while now and even entertaining the idea of a pottery class to make them myself. Dianne picked up these beauties at the Button Emporium in Portland, as well as at the Sock Summit marketplace.

More sock goodness from Linda.

I grinned like the village idiot when these came walking through the door of my office. Dianne struck again.

Sock Summit's "Apogee" from Dianne. This was dyed by the incredibly talented Angie McNamara of Serendipitous Ewe.

Bluebirds and Alpaca Sox. :) These arrived in Marianne's box along with a beautiful set of cloisonne butterfly earrings that I couldn't photograph well, scrumptious roving in striking colors, chocolate and handmade soap.

Thank you guys for an AMAZING birthday! I am again blown away by your generosity & I love you dearly! Thank you! Thank you!


Dianne said...

What an amazing bunch of goodies..That Linda and Marianne sure do spoil you:))
I love the sock monkey adventure..they are SOOO cute..the new yarn is perfect!
Your sweater KAL is going to be 2 work so well together..and it's fun to share the project.
All I'm going to you deserve each and every gift you got for your birthday..but I think we tend to do birthdays year round!!!

Marianne said...

Hee, I agree with Dianne, what a lovely whack of wonderful goodies and yes, you deserve each and every one of them!
so... Mohammed only likes the mitred washcloths? hmmmmm.
oh,and Dianne? I think that might be the kettle calling the pot(s) black;^)

Dianne said...

Did Someone say POT?

Marianne said...


Faren said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Dana! Looks like you had some great friends to make your day!

Jadielady said...

I actually got you a pressie while I was in NC but you'll just have to wait til September knit night I guess ;)
Sorry I couldn't make it last week.

KnitNana said...

Wow! That's a lotta good stuff, hon!
Happy Birthday! (a bit late...)

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a lot of wonderful goodies! I have to agree with Marianne, you absolutely deserve every one of them!

Love the Jessalu bag; I have one and really enjoy the unique design.


Angela Cox said...

Whoa..a birthday and I missed it . I have had to rest in bed most of the day and am allowed up a bit . So sorry I missed it. I can see you had a wonderful day though, angie , Jeff and Hollyxxx