Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Another finished project - - yaaaay! It's the Mission Falls Bob Blankie that I've been working on (and off) since March. It was an incredibly long knit, but the blanket is cute & colorful.

And kitty-approved too.

Andie is a "Food Network" watcher and one of her favorite shows is "Ace of Cakes." Enjoy the photos....her efforts just tickled me to death!

The yarn balls & knitting needles are made from rice krispies and colored fondant. They're edible (and the size of tennis balls).

The top, chocolate layer of the cake hit the floor during construction, but the yellow cake is just fine.

And finally, my sweet baker. THANK YOU ANDIE! I ADORE my birthday cake!!


Robin said...

I tell ya, crap cakes are just as good if not better than a masterpiece cake! I bet it was yummy..
Happy Birthday!!!!

Jadielady said...

That's an awesome cake!!! The most important ingredient is love :D
Happy Birthday!!

Marianne said...

That cake is SO not crap! You callin' cake made with love 'crap'?!?!?
I'm (O.O) looking at you, Andie :^D
I love her creativity!
Happy Birthday, Sis!
(mercy, Andie's blue eyes, what a Beauty!)

Marianne said...

no, oh wait! They're Green! Gorgeous!

Marianne said...

well, damnit. I clicked on the photo, what? they're blue/green! LOL!

Dianne said...

That's the most beautiful cake I've ever seen..because the main ingredient was LOVE..way to go Andie..you're my hero!
Love you both!!

Anonymous said...

That is the BEST birthday cake ever! What a sweet (and beautiful) daughter you have.

Happy (be-lated) birthday!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome, fantastic cake! Hope your birthday was fantastic!