Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Fun

Here's how my nephew, Tyler, and my daughter, Andie, have been spending a bit of their
time this summer.


Volunteering.....I think not.

Playing way.

Ah, here they are.... (Enjoy!)

And who's recording the insanity?!?! My sister! LOLOLOL Have a great weekend everyone!


Marianne said...

LOL!!!!! Ooooh baby. I'm thinking with his moves he could fund his college tuition.. you know, as a dancer ;^)

Faren said...

*snort* how funny!

Becky said...

That boy definitely has the moves! He could pay for college and buy a condo or something! BMW maybe! ;^))

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Damn he's good :-)

Jadielady said...

*waves a $20 in the air*
No wonder she doesn't want to come home!