Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm mimicking Noolie here.

Your Name - Dana
Four letter word - Damn
Boy name - Dawson
Girl name - Delilah
Occupation - Doctor
Color - Dandelion (I had to go to the Crayola site to find this) :D
Beverage - Daiquiri
Something found in a bathroom - Diarrhea
A Place - Denmark
A Reason for being late - Deer (in the road)
Food - Donuts
Something you shout - DUMBASS!


Julie said...

heeheehee - I love your bathroom word :-)

I also had to go to the Crayola sight for my color.

Thanks for playing!

Dianne said...

You may add 'delirious'..because I saw the Exhibitors list has grown~~YES!

Angela Cox said...

Oh of my dreams. When I was little you couldn't get them here. My uncle was a flight engineer so bought back big boxes with fabulous names! My favourite was " Periwinkle" .