Friday, January 30, 2009

F.O.s' and a Family Event

I finally finished the cable knit pillow I started a while ago. As I was knitting it, I thought that there was no way the sides would meet up over a standard 14 inch pillow. Well, as usual, I was wrong (note to self: trust the pattern, Dana). I'm really happy with how this turned out and I definitely want to make more. See the leafy buttons?

These are "gauntlets" for my dad. Due to the medication he takes, he bruises and get scratched very easily. He asked me to make him some washable arm protectors.

Denise and Briana (due 2/11/09) had a baby shower two weeks ago. It was a great little party and Denise was very, very surprised.

Check out the table's centerpiece - - it's a "diaper cake."

And last (and least), the ladies who hosted Denise's shower are also planning two bridal showers this spring. The grooms-to-be are avid hunters, so as a gag shower gift, I knitted a pair of infamous "willie warmers."

Have a great weekend everyone! :D


Becky said...

Oh too funny! Now nobody will see them pee in the woods! HA!

Julie said...

I once crocheted my coworker a camo willie warmer for Christmas; that's the same year he bought me a training bra. Can you say "inappropriate"? ;-)

Jadielady said...

Eeek Dana you are NOT allowed to make Sam a Willie Warmer!! No no no :P

Marianne said...

How FUNNY! er... but will they wear them? LOL!
That's a fabulous idea, diaper cake!
Oooh, Denise seriously has 'that' look on her face. ;^)

KnitNana said...

OMG. THAT's funny!
And your pillow is great (yes, I know, but sometimes you CAN'T trust the pattern!)