Friday, May 30, 2008

Festival Goodies :)

I both purchased and received wonderful festival goodies from Sedalia. Below is Cascade's EcoWool from the Knitters Knook booth. I plan on using it to make a Barbara Prime stuffed bunny.

Andie and I both purchased a Studio 43 Pottery pendant by local artist, Sonya Forte.

Dianne and Linda surprised me with this wonderful gift! It's Socks That Rock in the "Hard Rock" colorway. The photo doesn't do the colors justice; it's gorgeous!

Three skeins of Takhi Scoured Irish Donegal tweed also came home. I cast on a very simple triangular shawl (the Lion Brand pattern).

My big purchase, which is being made now, is a Nana Sadie Rose knitting bag. I ordered a "Mavis" to be exact. I had been wanting one of Sallee's bags for over a year and I'm really looking foward to receiving it. When it's finished, I'll take a picture and upload it. Her bags are INCREDIBLE.

And last, but certainly not least, these beauties arrived at work Tuesday morning. They knocked my socks off; I've never received flowers at work and it was such an aweseome treat! THANK YOU DIANNE!

More festival shots to follow soon. Have a great weekend everyone!


Julie said...

Look at all those goodies - you definitely deserve them! I love, love, love the pendant and those flowers - how sweet!

Marianne said...

The flowers are gorgeous and seriously, 'that' Dianne... is she not
Wonderful goodies and I'm with Julie, you deserve them.
Very Pretty Mavis bag!

Dana said...

It's been an amazing two weeks - - exhausting and completely WONDERFUL at the same time. LOL

What's fun about the knitting totes is that you pick your own fabric. I chose a medium blue fabric with little black and white sheep all over it.

Yes, Dianne is incredible and she and Linda are as thoughtful as anyone ever could be!

Julie, now knowing what you "love, love, love", keep an eye on your mailbox next week. LOL My "mountain pendant" reflects The Peaks of Otter here in Bedford County. The peaks are two little mountains, one is named "Sharp Top" and the other, "Flat Top."

Angela Cox said...

The pendant is beautiful .I have to say I've never seen a lovlier bouquet .

Dianne said...

You are NO doubt the Queen of Fiber Festivals!
It was a true pleasure to be involved with the goings on of the festival and to work with such an amazing group of Fiber lovers.
I'm so happy you liked the flowers and since you'd never gotten flowers at work before..we'll have to see that this isn't the last time..hugs~~

emmy said...

All your festival purchases and gifts are lovely! I might have to see if I can get one of those pendants- I would love it!

I am delighted to read all over the place about how successful/wonderful the festival was- You and the whole group are to be congratulated. I tried to get there but the fates were against me last weekend. Next year for sure! I am so hoping it won't be the Saturday before Mother's Day which kicks off National Nursing Home Week.

Your flowers are sooo pretty! Enjoy!