Monday, November 19, 2007

When I Used to Knit

Rather than a long and incredibly dull post, I'm "bulleting" and doing photo highlights. Here goes....

*When I used to have time to knit, I was working on my first afghan. It's a feather and fan Christmas gift for a family member. I've done eleven skeins so far and still have six more to go. Gauge is a tricky thing, huh? I was planning on a nice-sized "couch blanket" when I started this project however at the current rate, the afghan will be somewhere between a queen or king sized spread. (Note to self: Swatch, Dana, Swatch/Learn the principles of gauge too).

*My friend, Teresa, inspired me to do this Knitty project, Calorimetry.

*As a break from the afghan, I started this sock. It's a "vanilla" sock pattern.

*I also finished the Yarn Harlot Poncho.

Again, I was knitting up a storm the first couple of weeks in November and then THIS HAPPENED...


Robin said...

I was beginning to wonder about you!! Glad to see you're all your goodies!

Marianne said...

Huh? did I miss something? when 'what' happened?!?!?
Yes, I know I can be slow and a bit of a dullard and dork but seriously... what happened?

Your in HUGE blankie is gorgeous! Your very first!
Love the Calorimetry, what a great little pattern,eh?
Niiiiice poncho! and socks!

I've missed you and glad to see you posting!

Faren said...

Good to see a post from you! Looks like you bought a new camera, lovely pictures! And a couple of FOs even! Pretty, pretty! Have you gotten your things from the fuller's yet?

Anonymous said...

What Marianne said - what'd I miss?

I was wondering where you have been - I've missed you!

The blanket is absolutely gorgeous; it must be for a family member who you love very, very much. I would find it extremely difficult to give away.

All you FO's look great.

Again, so glad you're back!!!!!!!!

Dianne said...

How pretty!! I've missed you also..and hope all is ok?..
Tentatively..can we plan lunch on Tues. 27th? hugs..

Nikki said...

glad I'm not alone in missing what happened...

but your FO's most most lovely!! Calorimetry... a very lovely way to use handspun yarn BTW... :)

and that afghan. wow it's beautiful!

Terentia said...

Well said.