Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Happened?

I caved. I crumbled. I gave in like a soggy noodle.

When Andie's big, green, teary eyes looked up at me and said,
"Pullllleaaaaaseeee," I agreed.

Meet the newest member of the Soltani family, Arabella.

Bella is a rat terrier/beagle mix whom we adopted from a local animal shelter.

She now takes over this post.

The above reads, "My name is Arabella, but you may call me 'Your Highness.'"

"The foolish child holding me hasn't yet realized the truth...."

"So you had better do what I say or I'll rip apart your toys, wake you up at 3:00 a.m. with a cold nose in your ear, whine, bit your toes and just when you're ready to bark at me, I'll..."

As for the cats, Sabrina, the elder feline, swatted Bella in the nose once and Bella now leaves her alone. Domination established. Libby and Bella are still circling around each other, getting the lay of the land. Lib is definitely feeling like Jan Brady at the moment.

We, the mere humans, are sleep deprived, short tempered and grainy-eyed.

Me? I miss my quiet knitting time.

It's all good though. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Robin said...

Sucker!! That face is why I won't get near one...not to mention Mr Ace would be P-Oed at me!
She a cutie pie, I can see why you buckled!!
Have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!!

Marianne said...

Hah! Loves me a wee beagle though! Dad raised them forever, nice little dogs...
Welcome, Arabella! (little scratching behind the ears and a couple of gentle chucks to the chin :^)

Dianne said...

It's an entirely new world Dana once the Dog arrives..what a cutie..but once over the nervous jitters of being taken from the shelter..Arabella will be perfect. She will give so much love because she will be so grateful for your rescue.
She will be the best pet you could ever ask for..huge hugs and sloppy kisses to Arabella..

Anonymous said...

OMG Dana! Arabella is ADORABLE! You are a good woman to rescue her from the shelter. Dianne is right, she will be forever grateful to you and will give you so much love.

Give her a big hug from me.


Nikki said...

PUPPY BREATH!!! I love the stinkyness of puppy breath and their sharp little teeth and how quickly they tire out and sleep like the dead and how squiggly they are.

Can we come meet Bella???

michelle said...

Awwww! So Cute! No wonder you went disappeary. I'm glad your back, and don't skimp on pics of the puppy!

Angela Cox said...

Oh I am in love ....please Mr Tuffa( Jeff's nickname!).What a darling , oh yes Marianne you really want to tickle those ears!

"Happy Thanksgiving" by the way .