Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ruby Shawl

What have I been up to during every quiet moment I could steal?
A shawl - - a really, really large shawl.
A shawl so large that you could drape it over a rhino and tie it under her neck
(which is a good thing considering it's my shawl). ;)
I indulged myself in some worsted weight Tahki tweed and here's the end result.

When not school supply shopping (can it get more expensive?), chasing my kids around, housekeeping, working and other general details of life,
I got to play with my angels, Emma & Isabelle.
The girls now have two teeth each and get this...each baby cut the same tooth on the same day! Must be one of those twin things.

Isabelle (left) & Emma (right)

They're playing "tug of war."

Happy Knitting/Spinning All!


Marianne said...

Sweeeet! Isabelle and Emma, they're juicy! loves me a good juicy baby!

Mercy...that's a beautiful shawl, O'Queen of All Things...what next? hairpin lace? tatting?
Seriously, the shawl is beautiful and you're going to be lovin' it so much in just a few short weeks,eh?

Nikki said...

oooooo so very pretty!!! and I love the shawl too :)

You made that gorgeous shawl from the tahki tweed like I just bought? WOW! how many skeins did it take?

angie Cox said...

I love that shawl as for those babies ...ohhhhhoooooooo.Twins must be fascinating .Considering I only got one baby I so wished I'd had twins.

Julie said...

Such adorable babies!

Love the shawl.

Dianne said...

My how they've grown, as well as your knitting..and all very beautifully..hugs