Monday, August 13, 2007

Forty & Knitting

My recent 40th birthday put me in a reflective mood (amongst several other moods, I might add) and I thought about how much my life had changed over the years. Some of the most recent changes revolved around knitting, which I've now been doing for about a year and a half.

Knitting, as it turned out, changed a number of things about me.

I indulged in Aigner shoes.


Birkenstocks w/handknit socks. (Two years ago, I didn't even know Birkenstocks existed and I'm not even going into the whole handknit sock thing again). P.S. Buy your Birki's on Ebay and that leaves more money for fiber. ;)


Obsessive-Compulsive Housekeeping (I didn't make my family sleep in the car like some OCD'ers, but I wanted to).


Suffice it to say, my home is dusty.

It's a bit of a shock to think to myself, "I'm forty years old." In my mind, I'm still an awkward kid and it's surreal to know that I'm actually THIS OLD and this fundamentally IMMATURE. Ah well....onto the birthday goodies (and boy, were they good!)....

Dianne gave me this luscious alpaca roving from Spunky Eclectic.

Linda's present was this beautiful Claudia's handpaint in a wonderful blend of "harvest golds."

Thank you both so much (and you too, Marianne, for the Peace Fleece)! The roving and yarn were amazing gifts and I appreciate them so much.
The husband and kids gave me this lime-colored wool (I forget the brand), but it's going to make some very pretty bowls and the Birkenstocks photographed above.
And Angie (Queen of Shawls and all things Artsy), I finished my first shawl and started my second. :)

This is what the shawl looks like, but it's not the true color.

This is the true color (and it's being modeled by a grumbling husband).
The second shawl, thus far. I'm using "Takhi Tweed" by Charles Stacy. It's a wool, silk, cotton, viscose blend and it's very, very nice. Well, that's it for now. Happy Knitting/Spinning all!


Dianne said... got some awesome birthday gifts..all well deserved.
I know how it is to have abandoned the 'way we were' home suffers most from my fiber frolics..actually, I think I just have gotten my priorities in first ..~hugs

Robin said...

Boy, you had a real "Fibery" birthday! Great gifts!

Anonymous said...


You really got some great gifts!

Tell hubby that he needs to show his face when modeling shawls :)

mobishobel said...

Happy Birthday!! I didn't know it was coming up. I hope you had fun; your "stash increasements" look yummy! And I love those shawls!! The first came out really well. Also I can't believe how quickly you get things done. You are a machine!!

Nikki said...

what a haul!!! your shawls are so pretty. :)

I know what you mean about how knitting does change you... in good ways :)

angie Cox said...

What does housework acheive after all ? I blow at dust . I sit surronded by yarn and still cook but the washing machine does quite a bit ! I love your gifts and that your hubby has to model .Jeff moans about that but not as much as Holly , you can be sure he'll pull a silly face though. When we went to M.I.L's Holly got attacks of wheezing because of the amount of spray cleaners. I am a lemon , vinegar and sodium bicarb. cleaner .M.I.L must have hated Jeff marrying because he was the only boyfriend I ever had who had to vacumn , make beds and iron before let out ! He is seven years younger so was still a student when I met him .Luckily in Manchester so away from her grip most of the year.