Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here's the latest...

This is Briana's "Pick me up!" face. We were at the National Zoo
in Washington and she wanted to be held rather than riding in her
stroller. I totally spoiled her and enjoyed every minute of it. By
the end of the weekend, she picked me over her daddy. =)

I am "So Big."

Easter at Pentagon City Mall

And the latest arrival at my house, a Schacht Cricket. :)

I have been knitting and pictures will follow. Have a wonderful week everyone!


Marianne said...

aHA! You got yourself a loom! :^D way to go, Sis!
I'd have carried her around too :^)
She is SUCH the little Beauty!!!

Faren said...

She's gotten big! Love the loom, was just shown the direct warping method and now I really want one! Tell us how you like the schacht!

Anonymous said...

Well of course you spoiled her - how could you resist that "pick me up" face? She's adorable!
I'm anxious to hear what you think of that loom; I've been very interested in that particular one but I'm trying to resist.