Monday, February 22, 2010

The sun was shining this weekend...

...and I took advantage of it and finally got some stuff done! :)

I cleaned & decorated the "dumpster mobile."

Linda gave me the license plate cover at Christmas and

Dianne brought back the NSK sticker from the Sock Summit.

I bathed and air dryed a new baby blanket for my cousin's first child. It's an 8 Hour Encore, "Simple Texture," blanket.

And did two more pairs of felted clogs for friends.

Well, I best get to work. Have a great day and Bella says, "Good morning. Stay away from my rawhide."


Anonymous said...

Whoa - Bella, you are one scary girl!

Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! Not so at my house; there was much lazing around. Although I did finally get my Wisteria body finished - I guess that's something.

Love the baby blanket and the slippers are great. I really need to get busy making some more slippers; mine are actually wearing out! I still need to make Clover some too.


Dianne said...

What a weekend, I'm tired just reading all you I know you did more than this.
I love your newly decorated 'wagon'..and the slippers and always are gorgeous..You must have more hours in your weekend than I do..I don't accomplish this much in a month))

Faren said...

Love the license cover, I need one! You have been busy, that is a lot of knitting!

KnitNana said...

Oh, MY! I love love love that license plate holder!
And Bella you darling girl. You wouldn't bite would you? (ok...not going to push my luck here)

Anonymous said...

I know a certain beagle/jack russell/dachshund that would love a playdate with Bella- he's gonna be a sad little guy once his foster baby goatie goes back to Kid Hollow.

Dana said...

The funny thing is, despite the photo, Bella is an incredibly sweet and friendly dog. Andie teases Bella and thus, the Cujo photo is born. :S

Marianne said...

Woohoo on pimpin' the ride out :^D
Gorgeous baby blankie and clogs!
Whew, you are one hard workin' woman!