Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An FO, at long last!

In the recent past, it felt like an uphill battle trying to find time to knit. I know that you can relate with the chaotic Thanksgiving & Christmas rush. Irregardless of how well you prepared (or in my case, didn't at all), something was always grasping at your free time.

I finally made some time and finished this feather & fan "lapghan" for my grandmother. It began as a baby blanket with no one in particular in mind, but my dad actually suggested gifting it to my grandmother and it clicked. Her birthday is later this month.

This was my pre-Christmas rush project. I've done several cabled neck warmers for assorted
friends and family.

And I had a "request." My boss asked for felted clogs (I gave her a pair a few years ago). Linda picked out the yarn (Araucania & Universal worsted) and believe me, the picture doesn't do the colors justice. It hope it felts up easily and retains the colors well.

One more clog to go and then I'm diving into "Baby Butterfly Wraps." It's an adorable little pattern I found on Ravelry.

Stay warm & happy knitting,



Marianne said...

Beautiful lapghan! The colours are gorgeous! and the cabled neck warmer is too. ManOman, and yeppers on the clog colours!!!! looking forward to seeing them after they've been felted.

Jadielady said...

Lovely FO's!! Great Job :)

Dianne said...

Love the Lappie for Granny!That's spectacular!
The cabled cowls are gorgeous!!!!!
And I also saw the clog..and it is 'bootiful'...I know it will felt as pretty as it looks..