Monday, December 22, 2008

Hmmmm...where to start?

Friday, December 12th thru Sunday, the 14th
1. Skander's Braces: Check
2. Andie's Braces: Check, check
3. Midnight ER run for pain meds due to braces: Check, check, check.

Kids are fine now. :)

Christmas Presents!
This is the scarf that my friend, Muriyea, made for me. Muriyea recently learned to knit and she was already an expert at crochet. (See the scalloped edging?)

Jessi hand-dyed this beautiful sock yarn. Thank you again so very much! The colors are amazing and I'm now searching for just the right sock pattern. The sock mojo has returned. :)

And Dianne was, as always, incredibly generous. In addition to a desktop Yarn Harlot calendar, I also received a bottle of Eucalan Lavender, a Della Q tote (yeah, yeah, I'm the Imelda Marcos of knitting totes, I know), Persimmon Tree yarn in a beautiful colorway, a Clover counter and Mary Kay goodies too. This photo doesn't do the bag or fiber any justice. The lighting is totally bizarre so I'll photograph them again. The bag is silk and has the most amazing hues of teal and blue. The Mary Kay goodies included a "ocean sounds" CD and terry socks.

Thank you all for the fabulous presents; I love them!
And now, for your viewing enjoyment, here's my office:

The face of the building is being restored to its original storefront and it's going to be lovely. In the meantime, however, it's bum ugly and freezing cold! Do you see the plywood? Do you see where the light is shining through (and the artic air and dead leaves are wafting in)? LOL
My desk faces this door and there's about ten feet between the two. Fortunately, I have a little space heater and it's keeping me warm enough.



Julie said...

Two with braces at the same time??? I'm so sorry for you.

Nice gifties!

As for the office - I think I'd have to quit :-)

Spinning Lara said...

I hope you are getting a HUGE Christmas bonus! Personally, I think you should the next two weeks off with pay.

Love the hand dyed sock yarn and scarf!

Jadielady said...

Awesome picture, that turned out much better than the ones I took :) I'm so happy I could help to restore the sock mojo. I'm thinking of maybe doing a booth at Sedalia!

Tell the newly braced, if they give you too much grief that they should be thankful they aren't allergic to metal and have to get zonked out on Benadryl until they "get used to it"
*nod nod*

Marianne said...

Oh MERCY! Isn't that... like, illegal? Two with braces at the same time? :^) Poor sweeties, I hope the pain eases for them soon.
LOVELY gifts!
Hoping the work place is sorted and finished SOON.

Have a Happy Merry Holiday, know you're loved AND admired :^)

Angela Cox said...

Well Imelda it appears I'm becoming the I.M of perfumes ! I love that scarf. I only got two knitting gifts one a ball of "Manos del Uruguay" in fall colours. The other two skeins of silk-garden in pastels. I'll scan some stuff in later. angie x