Monday, June 04, 2007

Sock Sisterhood

In a lovely card, Dianne and Linda wrote, "By the power vested me by NSK (Notorious Sock Knitters): You have been nominated and unanimously voted into The Local Sock Sisters Association."

And accompanying the card was this work of art. It's Blue Moon Fiber/Socks That Rock heavyweight yarn in the "Rolling Stone" colorway. I was blown away by all of it. The card was wonderful, the adoption was great and the fiber....oh the's magnificent. :)

Thank you sooooooo much Dianne & Linda!

Now having this incredible yarn, I had to find patterns "good enough" for it. That said, I found the following two sock patterns from Fiber Trends.

On the left is "Leaf Lace" and on the right, "Hellen's Favorites." Below is what I started this weekend.

I had already begun a new pair of socks before receving the STR. Needless to say, I finished them off as quickly as I could and here's the end result. I used the Cascase Tweed and a "Bed Sock" pattern that came from my Stitch 'n Bitch Page-A-Day calendar.

Linda and Dianne - - Thank you again! I'm thoroughly loving my new sock addiction, as well as being in the sisterhood! XOXOX


cate said...

OOOOHHHHH! That STR is really, way cool!!!! Your kids are older than mine I think. I have 3 as well. Thank you for your kind remarks on my blog. catie

Robin said...

WOW...what a beautiful colorway. I'm having a hard time finding the "perfect" pattern for my STR!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous STR colors! Your sock sisters must really love you :)

Marianne said...

Wow...and enormous amount of drooling...and look at you, a good standing member of the LSSA!
Gee, let's see, a mere 6 months ago.....
I'm so proud of you!

Dianne said...

ohhh Dana..I love your choice of patterns ..and those socks are going to doubt!!
Ditto Marianne..6 months ago..this woman 'swore'...NEVER would she do look..she's taking over the Sock Queen Title also..hugs

Nikki said...

What gorgeous yarn!! and what a wonderful card you got. You're in good company!

Enjoy the STR!

mobishobel said...

And you resisted the call of the Mighty Sock! ha!!
That yarn is yummy. I can't wait to see those socks finished. I'm with robin; when I get yarn that gorgeous without having a pattern in mind, I spend forever looking for a pattern that will do it justice.