Monday, May 07, 2007

Along Came a Sock

My Horcrux socks are coming along nicely. The first one is finished, but for the Kitchener's Stitch on the toe. The second sock is at the "gussets" point. This is a terrific, very user-friendly pattern!

And here's my first square for Hokie blankets.

At some point the near future, I'll be starting the chicken doorstops as well. For this project, I purchased Lamb's Pride.


Robin said...

Nice socks! You'll love making those chickens!

mobishobel said...

Why what a lovely sock! And the colorway looks fab knit up.

I've been meaning to knit up a square or two for the Hokie blankets too, but I don't think I have anything good in my stash that's the right color. I may have to go to the LYS.

Can't wait to see the chickens!

Anonymous said...

Great socks! I have that pattern on my list (my long, long, list).

That chicken doorstop is going to be great. I just love lamb's pride.

p.s. Did I e-mail you already to thank you for the second square? If not, Thank you; if so, just chalk this up to my alzheimer's :)

Marianne said...

Dana, I am so proud of you, like a proud mama proud of you!!! Seriously, you want to know just how proud I am? Trust me, I'm bustin' with the proud of you! See?

That sock is gorgeous! (so proud)
Welcome to the dark side, Babe.

Dianne said...

Welcome to our Sock're now a true Sock Sister..we will schedule your induction soon..isn't it fun? AND I hear there is more sock yarn on order..hehe...I knew you'd love it..with the proper 'taunting'
Happy Mothers Day~